Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Morrowind: Glass Longsword

My favorite weapon in Morrowind. Whether my main skill is Long Blades or not, I tend to keep one handy. This one took dozens of hours in Blender, mainly because I had to restart the work once. The model was a bit difficult to work with.

It's somewhat easier to build, but hard to build right. The template has some tough parts, but it seemed like the best way to do it. If you come up with something better, let me know in the comments.
Also it's pretty large. Unless you want it to bend in half and ruin itself, you should use cardboard to reinforce it as a whole.

Height: 1150mm
Difficulty: 5/10 (Medium)

Download: Mediafire
Included are lined and lineless PDOs, also a set with outline padding.

Model and textures made by Bethesda Softworks.


  1. Thanks for your design!

    I shared this paper craft at my collection blog: The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind - Life Size Glass Longsword

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  3. Hello.

    I found this site when I was searching images about "Daedric dagger" with Google. I do not know much about the papercraft, only that that it is about constructing paper models.

    That longsword looks great. It almost exactly the glass longsword from Morrowind as it should be. You did a good job with it.

    You said that the sword is quite large, so is it about the largest that someone would be able to create or would it be possible to create something like glass halberd or daedric spear in real size?

    I just asked because this looks like quite interesting and those were my favourite weapons in Morrowind. I was quite disappointed that there were no spears anymore in Oblivion or Skyrim.

    (Sorry if I had some English grammar errors. I am not a native English speaker.)

    1. Well, it is exactly the sword, because I used the game's model and slightly tweaked it, without changing the appearance.

      Nothing is impossible for a creative and dedicated mind. So to answer your question, there is no real limit as to what one can do. It's only a matter of *how*. With halberds and spears the only real problem there is is the handle. You'd have to use wood or something to reinforce it so it doesn't tear itself in the middle. Other than that it shouldn't be too hard.

    2. Hi brokensoul, just find this blog yesterday and the papercrafts got me interested, especially the glass longsword. I'll be making it shortly, mind if I let you know the result?

      About spear/halberd based weapon, I wonder why nobody design one yet, its not that hard to reinforce the handle (roll of cardstock work well) Can you design one? The closest thing I ever make is a giant mace and I really want to add spear to my papercraft collection (and some bow perhaps XD)

      Looking forward for your reply :D

    3. Well of course I wouldn't mind if you let me see the result. Of all the several hundreds of people who downloaded this sword, no one has told me how it went yet.

      If you want a spear/halberd, just point at one. There are quite a few in Morrowind. I won't be building it anytime soon, but I can make the Pepakura file, at least.

    4. The glass halberd seems good, and not so tedious. Thanks :D

      Btw I checked the test-build page, the glass sword seems to be a very difficult one. Goodluck building it, I'll keep checking here every once in a while.