Friday, November 23, 2012

Skyrim: Glass Sword

Glass sword, one of typical weapons from TES games, now available in this plane of Oblivion as well.

Build notes:
This took a bit too long to finish. Partly because I was being careful with it, and it paid off. Word of warning: this model is complex and requires precision, patience and precision. I didn't find it in me to forsake all the details - but be assured I tried to bring down the polygon count a bit, including fixing some really awful errors in the texture and the model itself. Don't try to build this without having a good bit of experience.

Height: 865mm
Difficulty: 9/10

Download: Mediafire
Included are lined and lineless PDOs, also a set with outline padding. Be sure to check the alt_textures folder for textures with normal maps applied and for Chillrend textures.

Model and textures made by Bethesda Softworks.


  1. Hi! A word first. a) Sorry for my poor English b) excellent work!!!! The truth, one better than another. I've seen you uploaded some tutorials, so I dare to ask. I would like to make a dagger of a series and I have no idea how to begin or which program to use you give me some help on this? The series Once Upon a Time and dagger is this...

    1. Well, so far I've been using models extracted from games. But the process goes like this:

      1) Create your 3D model. I use Blender for it. But anything like 3DS Max, Maya and others work too.

      2) Texture your model. The GIMP is my choice for all texture edits. Photoshop, Paint.NET are one of the many apps you can use.

      3) Unfold your model to 2D. There are a few programs for that as well. The most popular is Pepakura (I use it too). There is also Ultimate Unwrap 3D. There is a problem with these, as they are not free and neither of them will allow you to save, as far as I know.

      As for how to do a particular thing (modelling, texturing), your best bet is to search for tutorials. No need to explain what has already been explained, hm?

  2. Long time no contact. Finally get the halberd going, still some minor details unfinished. I'll just put it here for now.

    1. Sorry about the late reply.

      Well well, this looks pretty good. Did you use a piece of wood after all?
      Mae sure to take some proper photos once it's done - I'll put them on the halberd's page and credit you for the testbuild.